Can Tanning Pills be Used for a Bodybuilding Show?

Tanning pills are no good, at least for a body building show. Tanning for a show is something which must be done very carefully and needs to provide such a deep tan. Terrible weak tans are a spoiler to the wonderful physiques and can very likely distract the judges’ eyes. Fake Tan PillsThere are several bodybuilders who start taking tanning tablets few days before the show or use injections and then apply Dream Tan or Pro Tan. But these methods are no good. Instead the experts strongly advise the bodybuilders to get a solid base tan from solarium or from natural sunlight. Even though a solarium or natural sunlight are not great for skin, they are considered to be the best means of tanning. To prepare your skin ideally for sun tanning, you should certainly exfoliate in order to buff your skin under the shower. Special attention should be given to the rough patches like the elbows or knees while buffing. This will enable the application of the colour to be uniform and an easy process. Once you have dried yourself, then you are ready to go.

Just before you appear for the show, it is a good idea to use a test run. There are some tanning products that work best for some people whereas some of them are terrible. So, whenever you are choosing a tanning product, you should be very careful and choose the one that suits your skin type. There are various shades of orange or burgundy as well as a muddy look as well. You should ideally choose the product that perfectly suits your skin tone.

This is to be kept in mind that the streaks, blotches and patches detract the presentation and physique. It also makes the body builder look unprofessional. So, you should ensure that your tanning is in place before you appear in a body building show. The tablets do not provide a deep enough tan for under the lights of a show. Although they do provide a good tan for everyday use.Fake TanWhen it comes to applying the fake tan for the show you should apply the first coat very evenly. Ask someone to help you to reach places like the calves and your back. It depends on your personal choice whether you paint tour face or not. You may also opt to apply make-up on your face if you are a female. You can take a shower but do not buff on the day of the show. When you take a shower, some of the paint will certainly wash away but you do not need to worry about that if you do not scrub.

Once you are done with the shower and have dried yourself, then you may apply 2 more coats and then you should allow sufficient time to dry. After the drying of the second coat, you may apply one coat of Dream Tan very evenly. After the Dream Tan is applied, you may also apply some oil in order to sheen the colour. You must apply the oil very moderately or it may start dripping on the floor of the stage. Also, the lights on the stage are very strong. So, you must be very particular about the way you look. So, all the bodybuilders out there, do not even think about using Rio tanning tablets solely for a show!